These images are a social message which depicts the sexual conditioning and exploitation of females. Many of us fall victim to this on many different levels. From the moulding of young girls, groomed to become just mere ornaments and sexual objects, in order to appeal to and gratify males. To the obsessive pursuit of self-beautification, fuelled by the media's ideal of physical perfection. Something that is both unrealistic and unobtainable, which can also have detrimental effects; Ranging from insecurity to eating disorders and plastic surgery.

My primary vexation lies within the realms of pornography, Or rather 'filmed prostitution'. Which has become so socially acceptable and accessible - especially to children. Even playboy merchandise is now aimed at girls as young as eight. Playboy is not a cute bunny, it is a global pornographic business which debases and exploits thousands of young women. If people knew of the horrendous logistics behind this atrocious industry, I'm sure that they would consider it both abhorrent and intolerable.

Pornography is a primary facet utilised within patriarchal ideology, Which fuels disrespect, degradation, subordination, privilege, entitlement, power and wealth. Sexual assault, psychopathies and sexually motivated murders. These factors strongly perpetuate the social oppression of girls and women. Pornography also debases society as a whole and is a detrimental blight on civilisation.


A series of works depicting the human condition and the problems within our world, such as sexism, exploitation and abuse. These images portray both the perpetrators and the victims of the worst kind of crimes that plagues our 'civilised' world and cause the most devastation. They are also about the injustices dealt to the victims and the leniency shown to the perpetrators.


These 'things' occur daily to thousands of people, who cannot talk about such taboo and unpalatable subject matters. Because the psychological pain and trauma remains, which is exacerbated by secondary victimization, primarily stigmatization, isolation, abandonment and condemnation. And secondly, societies lack of knowledge and compassion, thwarted by preconceived myths and victim blaming. Many of these people are of the 'just world hypothesis' Those who believe that the world is 'intrinsically fair' and do not wish to believe the callousness that so many humans can inflict upon others. I utilise many of these images into training seminars for health agencies, which can greatly enhance their understanding and open up important dialogues about sexual abuse and trafficking. I also hope to be a voice on the behalf of all victims and survivors, so I dedicate these paintings to them.


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