Interview with Justin, webmaster of

Justin: Where were you born?

Suzzan: I was born in Handsworth, Birmingham, U.K.

Justin: How long have you been painting and how did you get started?

Suzzan: I have been painting since 2000. Before that, I only ever drew with pencil. I just decided to have a go. I wanted colour in my images, as colour is very important in my pieces ... especially red! Haha.

Justin: What is your painting process?

Suzzan: My process always starts with a subconscious doodle. Once that's done, I can see the finished painting, and then proceed straight to canvas.

Justin: What is your favorite medium and why?

Suzzan: My favourite and only medium is oil because it is mobile and blends so beautifully, which enables me to create the realism that I desire. They are a pain, but I think well worth it!

Justin: Who are your favorite painters?

Suzzan: My favourite painters would have to be [H.R.] Giger, [Hieronymous] Bosch, [Francis] Bacon, [Jan] van Eyck, [Hans] Holbein, Caravaggio.

Justin: What/who do you consider an influence on your work?

Suzzan: My life, or rather, most of the people/insects that infested it: the abusers, the mother, the rapists, the paedophiles, the takers, the manipulators, the shallow, the selfish, the suppressors, the controllers, and the abductors.

Justin: What do you hope to accomplish through your work?

Suzzan: Firstly, to share this universal suffering with the many that identify, connect with, and are helped by my art. Secondly, to be remembered as an artist who did not sell out, and remained true to herself, which means that I painted the absolute truth.

Justin: What has painting taught you?

Suzzan: That I should have done photography instead!!!! So much easier!! Haha

Justin: If you weren't an artist, what would you be doing?

Suzzan: Photography!!!

Justin: What is the biggest perk to being Suzzan Blac?

Suzzan: The thousands of amazing messages that I receive from people that love and are helped by my art!

Justin: What is the biggest drawback to being Suzzan Blac?

Suzzan: Trying to answer them all ... because I feel so damned guilty that I can't!!!

Justin: Outside of painting, what are you passionate about?

Suzzan: Photography, poetry, music, movies ... sex and chocolate!!

Justin: What are your favorite films?

Suzzan: Lordy! Too many to mention, but some are: 300, Gangs of New York, Requiem for a Dream, Old Boy, Silence of the Lambs, Seven, Fargo, Hannibal, True Romance, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, Amadeus, Valkyrie, Schindler's List, Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Shine, Gladiator.

Justin: What are your favorite books?

Suzzan: Unfortunately, I don't have time to read anymore, but I used to mainly read about serial killers, mafia crime, forensics, psychology, plagues, medieval history. I also like Dan Brown and, of course, Stephen King.

Justin: What are your favorite musical groups/artists?

Suzzan: I mainly listen to classical and opera: Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Bach, Elgar, etc., but I also love industrial ... Combi Christ, Rammstein, Otep, Korn, Slipknot, Muse, Placebo, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, and Eminem!

Justin: What are your favorite foods?

Suzzan: Boiled tripe and mash ... haha, just kiddin' ...

Raw steak ... chateaubriand in a peppered brandy, mushroom, and cream sauce; sautéed potatoes and cauliflower au gratin!! Followed by profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce, clotted cream, chocolate ice cream, chocolate flakes, and Bailey's!

Justin: Do you have a day job?

Suzzan: Naaaaaah. I live a decadent, Bohemian lifestyle supported by the money fairies! Hah!

Justin: Does God exist?

Suzzan: Only in the minds of the men who created him.

Justin: Where do you lean, politically?

Suzzan: I do not lean; I stand above the power hungry heads of politicians squabbling over the scraps left by their predecessors, trying incessantly to make silk purses out of pigs' ears!

Justin: What is the greatest thing life has to offer?

Suzzan: Art in its many mediums ... just think what life would be like without!!

Justin: What is the worst thing life has to offer?

Suzzan: Evil people, mainly those that hurt and abuse others ... especially those that "enjoy" doing so.

Justin: What is something not many people know about you (although they will after this!)?

Suzzan: Nothing scares me except that I am petrified of heights—so much so that even if I close my eyes and imagine being on the edge of a cliff top, I develop instantaneous vertigo.


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